The Diaspora Pa’lante Collective Yearly Evaluation 2022-2023


  1. Created our political education and outreach committees and built the structures for each.  
  2. Completed our first successful brigade to our country in the Spring of 2023 and hosted report back events in the US.
  3. Connected with other organizations/individuals and continue to build and maintain those relationships and new ones.
  4. Hosted our first political education teach in on the history of Puerto Rico and the socialist history of our country.
  5. Member of DPC visited Cuba on behalf of the organization to study diplomacy and connect with Cubans advancing the Revolution.
  6. Recruited Boricuas in the diaspora from across the country to be part of the DPC.
  7. Established our online presence via social media and our website.
  8. Built our organizational structure (constitution and strategy).


  1.     We have been able to connect with Boricuas from across the US.
  2.     Our diversity in DPC – our general membership is very skilled and come from all walks of life.
  3.     Relationship building within our organization and outside of our organization.
  4.     Our strong organizational structure that is directed by democratic centralism.
  5.     We took our cause international and began to build a strong national movement.
  6.     We made educational material accessible (ex: Filiberto’s writings).
  7.     We keep an open mind when building together.

Goals for 2023-2024:

  1.    Host our Winter Brigade and continue to build with our people in the diaspora/archipelago.
  2.    More political education courses and continuing to translate docs/archive historical documents.
  3.    Internationalism – continuing to establish and maintain relationships abroad to bring our fight  internationally.
  4.    Strengthen news connections to bring our fight to the forefront of the media.