Literature on Puerto Rican History:

The Boricua-Macheteros Popular Army
Origins, Program, and Struggle
Filiberto Ojeda Ríos
Puerto Rico’s Revolt for Independence: El Grito de LaresOlga Jimenez de Wageheim
America’s Last Fortress: Puerto Rico’s Sovereignty, China’s Caribbean Belt and Road, and America’s National SecurityAlexander Odishelidze
The Intellectual Roots of Independence: an anthology of Puerto Rican political essaysIris M. Zavala & Rafael Rodriguez
Boom and Bust in Puerto RicoA.W. Maldonado
We the Puerto Rican People: A Story of Oppression and ResistanceJuan Angel Silén
The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster CapitalistsNaomi Klein
Imposing Decency: The Politics of Sexuality and Race in Puerto Rico, 1870-1920Eileen J. Suárez Findlay
American Colonialism in Puerto Rico: The Judicial and Social LegacyEfrén Rivera Ramos
A Contested Caribbean Indigeneity: Language, Social Practice, and Identity within Puerto Rican Taíno ActivismSherina Feliciano-Santos
Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire (Studies in Legal History)Sam Erman
Foreign in a Domestic Sense: Puerto Rico, American Expansion, and the ConstitutionChristina Duffy Burnett & Burke Marshall
Puerto Rico: Las Penas De La Colonia Mas Antigua Del MundoJosé Trías Monge
Revolution Around the Corner: Voices from the Puerto Rican Socialist Party in the U.S.José E. Velázquez (Editor), Carmen V. Rivera (Editor), Andres Torres (Editor)
The War Against All Puerto RicansNelson Denis
Escritos MacheterosFiliberto Ojeda Ríos
Pedro Albizu Campos: EscritosPedro Albizu Campos
Ramon Emeterio Betances: Obras completas (Vol. IV): Escritos politicos: proclamas, discursos, estudios (Spanish Edition)Ramon Emeterio Betances
Toward’s Peoples War For Independence And Socialism In Puerto Rico: In Defense of Armed StruggleN/A
The Struggle for the Independence of Puerto Rico Juan Antonio Corretjer

Literature on Socialism:

Blackshirts & Reds: Rational Fascism & the Overthrow of CommunismMichael Parenti
The State and RevolutionVladimir Lenin
What Is to Be Done?Vladimir Lenin
The Wretched of the EarthFrantz Fanon
Black Skin, White MasksFrantz Fanon
We Are Our Own Liberators: Selected Prison WritingsJalil Muntaqim
The Foundations of LeninismJoseph Stalin
Marxism and the National QuestionJoseph Stalin
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSRJoseph Stalin
Dialectical & Historical MaterialismJoseph Stalin
Selected Works of Carlos MariateguiCarlos Mariategui
Women’s Liberation and the African Freedom StruggleThomas Sankara
The Communist ManifestoKarl Marx
Pedagogy of the OppressedPaulo Freire
Activist StudyAraling Aktibista (ARAK)
How Europe Underdeveloped AfricaWalter Rodney

Additional Literature:

Mutual AidMutual AidDean Spade
Freedom is a Constant StruggleAbolitionDr. Angela Davis
Police Reform Doesn’t WorkPolice AbolitionBoston Review
Beyond PrisonsPrison AbolitionBeyond Prisons Podcast
Are Prisons Obsolete?Prison AbolitionDr. Angela Davis
These Systems Never Work: The Intersections of Environmental Justice and AbolitionAbolition/Environmental Justice
Barnard Center for Research on Women
No More Psychiatry: What’s the Alternative?Psychiatry AbolitionUnknown
Intro to Disability JusticeDisability JusticeTereza Lopez
10 Principles of Disability JusticeDisability JusticeUnknown
Abolition Means Land BackDecolonizationGrace L. Carson
Decolonization is not a MetaphorDecolonizationEve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang
All About LoveTransformative Justicebell hooks
We Do This ‘Til We Free UsAbolition/Transformative JusticeMariame Kaba