Campamento Pelícano is a camp that began about a month ago in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico as a result of illegal construction on public land under the direction of Carlos Roman. The corrupt government refuses to act on the illegal construction, so protestors have taken it upon themselves to protect our land and water.

Recently, there was a private security guard who shot a protestor in the leg. There was no emergency aid provided to the protestor who had to be taken by boat with help from the people to receive medical care. This has been happening since August 2022, where another private security guard assaulted a protestor. The mayor of Aguadilla, Julio Roldán, has been silent as his people are being assaulted.

The police today on February 3, 2023, have been escorting illegal construction materials along with Carlos Roman to continue their destruction of the land.

Las playas son del pueblo. Follow @campamento_pelicano_aguadilla on Instagram to stay informed.


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